Objectives and the scope

The Archives of Transport System Telematics (ATST) is an international journal of interdisciplinary nature, aimed at filling the research gap between the theory and practice in the field of transport telematics. A broad scope of the journal comprises ICT in the field of transport as well as effects of those technologies application for societies, economies, companies and consumers/passengers. The journal topics cover all branches and modes of transport: rail, road, inland navigation, maritime and air transport, intermodal, passenger, freight, public and private transport. The submitted papers are expected to provide important theoretical and empirical results of research. In particular, the research topics can include:

  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS),
  • Economic and environmental effects of telematic solutions in the transport sector,
  • ITS deployment strategies,
  • Transport safety,
  • ICT and planning, designing, operation, control and management in transport systems,
  • Transport infrastructure,
  • Transport policy,
  • Legal, institutional, economic, and financial conditions for ITS deployment,
  • E-commerce in the transport sector,
  • The ICT influence on the operation of all transport branches (including the intermodal transport),
  • Integration processes in transportation,
  • Logistics and supply chains management,
  • ICT acceptance and use in the transport sector,
  • Big data in the transport sector,

The journal is addressed to scientists and specialists involved in the research on transport telematics and interested in implementation of ICT in the transport sector.